KNOW ABOUT – Leave on Average Pay (LAP)

September 7, 2016, 7:16 PM

 523. Leave on average pay.


(i) A railway servant permanent or temporary other than one who is serving in a railway school shall be entitled to 30 days leave on average pay in a calendar year.

(ii) The leave account of every railway servant shall be credited with leave on average pay in advance in two installments of 15 days each on the first day of January and July every calendar year.

(b) The leave at the credit of a railway servant at the close of the previous half year shall be carried forward to the next half year subject to the leave so carried forward plus the credit for the half year do not exceed the maximum limit of 300 days.

(c ) A period spent in foreign service shall count as duty for purpose of this rule, if contribution towards leave salary is paid on account of such period.

(d) The following procedure for crediting LAP on 1st Jan./1st July w.e.f. 01.07.1997 in respect of Railway employees may be adopted:–

(i) In case of Railway employees, having at their credit leave on Average Pay of 285 days or less as on 1st January/1st July of a year, LAP of 15 days or proportionately less in respect or retiring persons of those leaving service during the next half year may continue to be credited to their leave account in advance as at present.

(ii) In cases where the Leave on Average Pay at credit as on 1st January/1st July is 300 days or less but more than 285 days, credit of LAP for 15 days may be kept separately and first adjusted against any LAP that the Railway servant may take during the ensuing half year and the balance, if any, credited to the LAP account at the close of the half year subject to the ceiling of 300 days . If the LAP taken during the half year is more than 15 days the amount in excess of 15 days will, however, have to be debited to the leave account.

(Authority:- Railway Board�s letter No. E(P&A)I-2000/CPC/LE-3 dt.1.8-2000)

2. Subject to the provisions of rules 503,541 as well as this rule, the maximum leave on average pay that may be granted at a time to a railway sevant shall be 180 days.

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