KNOW ABOUT – Recovery of rent in the case of Joint occupation of Rly Quarters

September 18, 2016, 6:22 PM

1712. Recovery of rent in the case of Joint occupation of Quarters. (a) When a railway quarter is allotted to a railway servant (gazetted or non-gazetted) he will not transfer or sublet any portion of the same to any other person, whether a railway servant or an outsider, without first obtaining permission to do so from the Divisional Railway Manager or the Head of department. This permission shall as far as railway servants are concerned only be granted on the following conditions:-

(i) No railway servant vacates a quarter for the express purpose of thus sharing another quarter;
(ii) By this sharing, no other suitable, railway quarter, at the station, is rendered vacant;

When a quarter is allotted to more than one railway servant, the assessed rent should be recovered proportionately on the basis of floor area occupied by each railway servant. The amount to be recovered from a railway servant should not, however, exceed 10 per cent of his emoluments or his share of the assessed rent, whichever is less. No share will be recoverable from the railway servant entitled to rent free quarters;


The Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts officer should be informed of each case in which joint occupation is permitted under this paragraph.

            (b) When outsiders are permitted to occupy the quarter jointly with railway servants, the railway servants will be considered as the occupiers of the quarter and shall pay the full standard rent of the quarter.

            (c) Allottees of railway quarters may be permitted to take in sharers, irrespective of the pay drawn by them (allottees). In this respect no distinction need be made for any categories of staff.

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