Rest rules for Running Staff.


Government of India Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) No.E(LL)/2009/HER/1                      7.10.2016 The General Managers, All Zonal Railways Sub : Rest rules for Running Staff. New Delhi During PNM/AIRF meeting held on 2nd & 3rd June, 2016, a decision was taken to reiterate the existing statutory I administrative provisions pertaining to rest of running staff. 2. Therefore, it is directed that the provisions concerning rest contained in Section 133 of the Railways Act, 1989 as well as in Rule 12 of the Railway Servants (Hours of Work & Period of Rest) , Rules, 2005 should be complied strictly. 3.  A far as . Headquarter/Outstation rest is

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KNOW ABOUT – Recovery of rent in the case of Joint occupation of Rly Quarters
September 18, 2016

1712. Recovery of rent in the case of Joint occupation of Quarters. (a) When a railway quarter is allotted to a railway servant (gazetted or non-gazetted) he will not transfer or sublet any portion of the same to any other person, whether a railway servant or an outsider, without first obtaining permission to do so from the Divisional Railway

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KNOW ABOUT – Leave on Average Pay (LAP)
September 7, 2016

 523. Leave on average pay. (1)(a) (i) A railway servant permanent or temporary other than one who is serving in a railway school shall be entitled to 30 days leave on average pay in a calendar year. (ii) The leave account of every railway servant shall be credited with leave on average pay in advance in two installments of 15 days each on

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